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salt lamps salt lamps salt lamps salt lamps
salt lamps salt lamps salt lamps salt lamps
salt lamps salt lamps salt lamps salt lamps
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The BIG question is: What are Salt Lamps and Why do I need one?

Mined from caves deep below the Earth's surface, in the Gola Valley, at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, this is Salt in its purest, most Natural form.

After it is removed from the mines in large pieces, we have the rough rocks of Natural Salt Crystal hand shaped, etched and carved to our specifications in order to highlight the multitude of colors found in Nature…from Pinks and Peaches, to deeper veins of Oranges and Reds, no two lamps can ever be exactly the same. And we like it that way…we know each and every Salt Of The Earth Salt Lamp is a unique labor of love.

Due to our belief in offering only the most beautiful lamps to our customers, we reject over 30% of the Salt we receive and sell it to people who clear it out at low prices on the Internet. We do not claim to be the cheapest source of Crystal Salt Lamps; we do feel we are amongst the best. Without positive customer feedback we could never have become one of the largest sellers of Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp products in the USA.

To insure that no children are exploited or laborers treated poorly, we have visited our factories and the mines and are constantly monitoring the wages and health benefits offered to the workers involved in the process of gathering and sculpting our products.

Artisans with years of experience carve this Himalayan Crystal Salt into intricate shapes and we have several exclusive styles on this site for your review. Also on our site you will find the copyright protected Cool Color Crystal Salt Lamp, a single whiter variety of Salt Lamps that comes complete with 6 different bulbs that enable you to have a Color Salt Lamp to match your mood or decor.

Whether you choose one of our Salt Lamp styles lit by a replaceable light bulb or select a Salt Tea Light illuminated by a replaceable candle, the warm glow of these Himalayan Salt Crystals will be sure to please you.

We also offer Bath Bars and Bath Salts to take advantage of the soothing and time honored healing powers inherent in Natural Salt Crystals.

Salt has been used throughout the ages as a way of adding a little flavor to foods. Today, throughout the world, common table salt is the most highly consumed spice on the market. There is however, nothing common about our Natural Salt Lamp Creations and the minute you get yours you will know that to be true. The warm glow of these Salt Lamps and Tea Lights will add beauty to any surrounding.

There are two schools of thought on Crystal Salt Lamps and we will let you make your own decision based on your personal experience:

The Natural Medicine community has evidence dating back centuries that Natural Salt can cure infections and skin problems including eczema, psoriasis, warts and blemishes when used in bar form, and is known to ease muscle pains when used as an additive to your bath.

When illuminated, Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are said to emit healthy Negative Ions (a natural version of what The Sharper Image calls a Negative Ion Generator and sells for hundreds of dollars) which scientists claim are good for clearing the air of dust, dander, pollen and airborne allergens, leaving you breathing fresher, cleaner and purer air. Negative Ions are most prevalent around Waterfalls and after Thunderstorms, where the air does indeed smell fresher.

For centuries, patients suffering from Allergies, Asthma, and other respiratory disorders have been sent by their doctors to the Salt mines in Poland, Austria and Pakistan to inhale salt brine vapors. This underground Salt air treatment is called Halotherapy (halos is Greek for salt), and people have experienced amazing respiratory relief from short periods of exposure. Keep in mind that these caves completely surround you in salt, from floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall.

The other school of thought, while accepting some of the curative properties of Natural Salt for skin care, finds the whole idea of the health benefit of Negative Ion Generation to be a myth, scientific mumbo jumbo and wishful thinking.

Regardless of which side of the Salt Lamp dispute you find yourself on… we believe that Salt Lamp Creations Natural Crystal Salt Lamps and Crystal Salt Tea Lights are beautiful, and a display of Nature’s magnificence in its purest form. That’s why we offer them and our customers keep coming back for more.

Any extra benefits they provide you are certainly a plus!

The Salt Of The Earth Crystal Salt Lamps, from Salt Lamp Creations, make excellent gifts for any occasion and will surely be the most unique item your friend or loved one has ever received!

Wholesale, Distributor and Importer inquiries welcomed.

Please note: We are not doctors or a part of the medical or scientific community and we do not want to give the impression that we are making specific medical claims as other Internet Salt Lamp sellers do. We are only reporting what we've read on the Internet or comments we have received from our customers as a public service to assist you in evaluating the reason for buying Salt Lamps or Natural Crystal Salt products. Soak In The Salt Of The Earth Bath Salts. Improve Your Complexion With Our Salt Bars. Cool Color Salt Lamps

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